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Annaleah Logan 

Dr. Logan obtained her doctoral degree in clinical psychology from the George Washington University. She has nearly a decade of experience working with children, teens, and adults, including over 5 years working for Kaiser Permanente in the Bay Area. She received predoctoral training at Cumberland Hospital for Children and Adolescents in New Kent, Virginia, a residential treatment center serving children, teens, and young adults.  Dr. Logan completed her postdoctoral training at Kaiser Santa Rosa where she served as a member of the adult and child teams. A member of the California Psychological Association, the International Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Foundation, and the Bay Area Psychological Association, Dr Logan also holds a degree in child development from Tufts University.

Philosophy of Treatment 

Dr. Logan views therapy as a collaborative process and feel strongly that treatment is most effective when clients feels safe and can share their thoughts and feelings openly. To that end, building a therapeutic relationship based on trust and mutual respect is vital to a successful outcome. Humor and genuineness are essential and she works to make her office a safe haven from the common stressors of life. While we will identify goals for treatment and may focus on skill building at times, Dr. Logan knows that life can be unpredictable and believes that there is not just one “right answer” for difficult issues.  

Specialized Training

Dr. Logan has completed the Intensive Workshop in Exposure & Response Prevention (Ex/RP) for OCD at University of Pennsylvania and the Behavior Therapy Training Institute through the International OCD Foundation. She participated in advanced consultation training groups through the International OCD Foundation and is listed as a provider in their resource directory.  Dr. Logan also has specialized training in treating Tic Behaviors and Body Focused Repetitive Disorders.

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